Project Description


Owner: Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Al-Amoudi
Consultant: innovators
Contractor: Med rock
Location: Addis Ababa- Ethiopia
Total Area: 180,000 m2 Distributed on 11 floors
Scope Of Work: Tender Drawing, Design

This project promises to be the most noticeable one in Addis Ababa or in whole Ethiopia. Designed to be 25 to 30 stories high tower and podium; once completed, it will be the tallest tower in Ethiopia. The site is located in the busy center of Addis Ababa, a triangular 34,500 m2 bounded by three major Streets; the north one is the famous Churchill Road. The project is two parts. The first is an 180,000 m2 total built up area four stories podium housing indoor parking for 600 cars, two level shopping mall with anchoring stores, 5 movie theaters, food court and more than 600 flexible individual shops. The third floor is 2,000 seats wedding hall with its own kitchen, entrances and services. The Tower is tall 25 expandable to 30 stories multi function spaces. 65% of which are offices, 35% are luxury apartments. Entrances, elevators and staircases are completely separated. Four levels parking under the tower are devoted for its residence. The design of both the tower and the podium are so unique, it characterizes the new image of the country in the 21st century. The project estimated to cost 120 million USD.