Project Description


Location: Al Zahra Dist. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Year: 2016
Built Up Area: 500 M²
Scope Of Work: Interior Design
Status: Concept

The idea is a restaurant that focuses on its delectable meat menu. The diners get to watch their order getting prepared and cooked; an enjoyable show prequel to the dining experience. That’s where the concept and the name of the restaurant come to light. The interior design key concept of this restaurant is less about finishes and materials but rather it is about the relationship between the user and the space. The kitchen area is entirely visible throughout a stretch of a glass partition. Behind the glass, the meat and the food are displayed allowing the customers to place their order and enjoy peeking at the chef having it prepared for them. At this point, the kitchen has turned into a lab where the experiments are maybe less scientific but definitely more delicious.